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The Book of Law or the Book of Grace?

Some see the Torah as the book of law. Full of legalistic commands meant for the ancient people of Israel. However, what did Yeshua (Jesus) have to say about it? Jane Owens goes back in time and into the new testament and reveals Yeshua (Jesus) opinion. 

What is so important about Jerusalem?

With the middle east still in crisis and no true peace in sight. What role does the city of Jerusalem play in the end days? Jane Owens opens up the scriptures to reveal why the Lord has placed His Name there and why the world wants to control Jerusalem.  

Who is Jane Owens?

Jane Owens is a messianic Christian who loves teaching the Bible and praying for others' needs. She is a certified lay counselor who has worked in prison ministries and church ministries and writes with frank and honest conviction. Her life's goal is to speak and 'write the words of truth correctly'...

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Exodus, Redemption Revealed

The book of Exodus reveals the redemptive plan of God taking the children of Israel out of Egypt and into the land of milk and honey, the Promised Land. After we are born again, our journey with Jesus/Yeshua, our Messiah, is a reflection of the children...

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Biblical View of Sexual Purity

Sexual purity; is there such a thing? Can anyone be sexually pure? Many books have been written about sexual purity within and without the confines of marriage. Sexual purity as taught in God's Word, the Holy Bible, is the only source of truth regarding sexuality. The Creator knows how His creation functions. He is the one...

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Testimonies of Lives Changed...

Let me talk briefly about this book. EXODUS REVEALED is valuable to students of the Bible because of the wealth of “helps” the author, Jane Owens, has combined. Yes, it is the book of Exodus, so why not just read a Bible? Simply because the author has paraphrased Exodus and added readings from the prophets and New Testament PLUS a summary at the end of every portion. This simple, organizational plan combines the Word of GOD in one book and in an easy to read format. On top of this Jane Owens adds resources from multiple sources and cross references to other scriptures which, in my opinion, are all sound. Exodus, the prophets, and New Testament will come to life and Yeshua the Messiah, whom some call Jesus, will be revealed throughout the book – EXODUS REVEALED.   - Ms. Ruth 

The teachings of Jane Owens have opened up my understanding and into a new world of ideas and biblical concepts. The Lord is opening up the scriptures to me and with the help of Jane's inspiring messages, my life has been changed! - Pastor Russell

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