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I began writing the book “Biblical View of Sexual Purity” while I was mentoring one-on-one at a state of Florida women’s prison.  I learned that many of these ladies had been physically and sexually abused by family members, family friends and the abuse usually continued with their ‘significant other’.  None of these women understood their worth or worthiness as individuals and as beloved of God.

The book “Exodus, Redemption Revealed” is also a result of my mentoring endeavors in this same prison.  Most of these ladies had no idea how much God loves them.  I understand that because of our inherent sin nature we are all prone to sin against God.  It is only in the redemptive power of Jesus through his atonement on the cross that hope of ‘doing it right’ only comes through first being born again into the kingdom of God and second learning what God has to say to us about our day-to-day life through the Scriptures.